Vacation Rentals in Private Beach Villas

Twelve years ago we found a true piece of paradise in Moorea Island along the magnificent lagoon, surrounded by breathtaking peaks and by a luxurious nature famous for its untouched beauty. We now have several units for rent along the same beach, fully equipped for self-catering, each built in traditional tropical wood with different sizes and characters.

50 shades of Blue... from the sky!

Exclusivity by the lagoon

A vacation Villa gives you the authenticity you are looking for, with much more space than a hotel bungalow, this in exclusive comfort. Our concierge welcomes you and is available all along your stay to advise you about leisure activities and outings.

In a wonder of the world

We greet more than 120 couples / families / groups of friends every year in our private property, with our concierge living on site.

We hope to count you soon among our guests to share our paradise :)